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Introducing Piinu Nuuchi community skatepark!

Southern Ute tribal member, Cyrus Naranjo was among the first to get some action on the recently unveiled Piinu Nucchi skate park located within SunUte Park in Ignacio, Colo. Fences came down in April, and since that time the park has been open to the public.
Photo Credit: Jeremy Wade Shockley | The Southern Ute Drum

When the SunUte Skatepark opened to the community in April of 2021, the park did not have an official name. The naming of the park was left to the Sunshine Cloud Smith Youth Advisory Council (SCSYAC). Together, the youth council spent time during the COVID-19 pandemic to review potential names and eventually voted upon the “Piinu Nucchi” name during a special meeting held in May of 2021.  

Piinu Nucchi (Pino Nuche), is defined as the Pine River Utes, or Southern Utes. The spelling of the park was written to follow the Tom Givon Ute language books: the Ute Reference Grammar (published 2011; originally 1980), the Ute Texts (published 2013; originally 1985), and the Dictionary (originally 1979).  

“I have been very impressed with the teamwork the youth leaders have shown; it makes me proud and warms my heart to see them all come together during this time,” Youth Employment Program and Sunshine Cloud Smith Youth Advisory Council Coordinator, Dustin Weaver stated. “They have seen this project through to the end for the community to use and enjoy.” 

With the recent move to Level 3 of Phase II “Safer at Home” — the mandate on wearing a mask outside has been lifted. “We can begin making plans for a grand opening and we will work closely with SCSYAC and Precious Collins, the Native Connections Coordinator,” said SunUte Community Center Director, Robin Duffy-Wirth. The grand opening event has the potential to draw more than the current limit of 50 people for an outdoor event, so it will be postponed until it can be done safely. SunUte emphasized that the planning for the event will begin now.  “I just want to thank the Southern Ute Indian Tribe for providing this beautiful park,” Duffy-Wirth expressed. 

The opening of the Piinu Nuuchi community skatepark to the public was a team effort between SunUte recreation division, and the Grounds Maintenance crew to keep the park operational. Since the skate park was open to the public during this past month, SunUte staff as well as the Southern Ute Police Department Resource Officers have been at the park to ensure that all riders wore a mask.  

“All of us at SunUte have been honored to be a part of the skatepark. It has been a joy working with the SCSYAC and Dustin Weaver. They went through a process to name the park and I was excited to hear their final choice, I believe it is not only well thought out and meaningful, but it lets visitors understand that the skatepark is on the Southern Ute Reservation,” Duffy-Wirth explained.  


Updated Skatepark Rules: 



1.    Use at your own risk.  Southern Ute Indian Tribe is not responsible for injuries or theft. 

2.    Show your kindness and respect. 

3.    Play your music, please no offensive language. 

4.    Supervise children under the age of 12. 

5.    Dispose of your trash properly. 

6.    Wear closed toe shoes and shirts. 

7.    Remain outside of the park if you are a spectator. 

8.    Skateboards, inline skates, scooters and bikes are allowed.  (no pegs) 


1.    Alcoholic beverages, tobacco/vaping or drugs; ARE PROHIBITED. 

2.    No food or glass containers in skatepark. 

3.    Tagging or placement of stickers is prohibited. 

4.    Gang and/or gang activity is strictly prohibited at this park. 

5.    Outside obstacles are not allowed in the skatepark. 

6.    Altering of park surfaces/waxing surfaces is prohibited. 

7.    Pets or motorized equipment are not allowed. 

8.    Loitering is not allowed after facility is closed. 


1.    Failure to comply with the rules may result in suspension from the facility. 

2.    This facility may be closed by SunUte for reasons such as weather, maintenance, etc. 

3.    Contests or competitions are prohibited unless sanctioned by SunUte. 

Call SunUte @ 970-563-0214 to report any problems with the skatepark. 

Call SUPD @ 970-563-0225 if you need police assistance. 

Call 911 immediately if there is an emergency. 



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