Clearing the path

Recent improvements to the Scott’s Pond access road and waterways came together as a joint effort between the Southern Ute Indian Tribes Water Resources and Division of Wildlife. Irrigation channels and metal culverts had become overgrown and choked with debris, which often resulted in seasonal flooding across the dirt road leading to Scott’s Pond.
In a project funded by the Southern Ute Division of Wildlife, drainage was improved, along with road improvements. “It was a good effort between wildlife and water resources,” Soil Conservation Technician, Preston Abeyta said. The project was spearheaded by Fisheries Biologist, Ben Zimmerman, who felt the improvements would benefit tribal members, fisherman, and other Scott’s Pond users, such as the Southern Ute Montessori Academy.
Jeremy Wade Shockley | The Southern Ute Drum
Jeremy Wade Shockley | The Southern Ute Drum

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