Heart healthy Valentine

5 ways to keep your heart healthy this Valentines


  1. Hug, kiss or hold hands with someone you love or care about. Human touch brings down blood pressure, is calming and has been shown to relieve pain.
  2. Tell someone special you love them. Letting your feeling out reduces stress, increases your feeling of happiness and can help you live longer.
  3. Take a walk outside with a loved one. Studies reveal that being outdoors decreases blood pressure, reduces risk of type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease, improves mood and relieves stress.
  4. Laugh with a friend. Laughter increases blood flow and reduces inflammation. It can increase your good cholesterol, decrease inflammation and reduce stress hormones. Laughter makes life so much fun!
  5. Enjoy some dark chocolate and other delicious, heart healthy foods. Dark chocolate and berries provide antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, vitamins and minerals that are good for your heart. Enjoy 1-2oz of 72 percent or higher dark chocolate, add some berries on the side and you have a heart healthy dessert!
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