Many Moons Ago

30 years ago, Fry bread contestants Kathryn Jacket and Richard Jefferson shake hands.
10 years ago, Jack Frost Jr. gives students a hand in folding the American Flag at the Academy on Thursday, Oct. 1, 2009.
20 years ago, On the afternoon of September 24, 1999 at the 5th Annual Council Tree Powwow in Delta, Colo., Marcy Herrera and Lindsay Box receive their crowns from the former Miss Indian Colorado, Vicky Scott and former Jr. Miss Indian Colorado, Brittney Marris.
40 years ago, Guy Pinnecoose, Jr. and P. Anderson from the Denver Convention Bureau addressing the conference to bid for the 1981 convention of NCAI in Denver. Anchorage, Alaska won the bidding over Colorado and Minnesota.
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