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Southern Ute Department of Energy under new leadership 

Andy Wetherell, CPL – Energy Manager Southern Ute Department of Energy
Photo Credit: Lindsay Box | SU Council Affairs

 Wetherall hired as DOE Energy Manager  

The Southern Ute Department of Energy has hired Andy Wetherell, CPL, as the new Energy Manager. Wetherell will carry out the department’s mission to ensure tribal members receive the maximum benefit from the energy and mineral resources located on the reservation while minimizing impact and protecting natural and cultural resources. 

After graduating from Dallas Baptist University in 2006, Wetherell began his career as a landman in Texas and Louisiana. He is skilled in lease negotiation, mineral title, production title, curative, rights of way, and surface owner relations. In 2011, he became employed by Chevron to manage assets in the San Juan Basin including on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation. He developed a relationship with the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and grew his knowledge of the Tribe, tribal energy operations and cultural values. He was then hired by the Southern Ute Department of Energy in 2018 as the Land Manager where he worked closely with operators on the reservation to manage the tribal resources. 

“It is incredible to work for a Tribe that has worked so hard towards self-determination. I look forward to carrying out the mission of the department, making certain all operations within the reservation boundaries adhere to the tribal environmental regulations protecting tribal natural and cultural resources,” Wetherell said. 

Wetherell served as the acting Energy Manager since November 2021. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his children, Whittaker (age 13) and Molly (age 9). 

“The Southern Ute Indian Tribe is thrilled we are able to retain and promote Mr. Wetherell to Energy Manager. His thorough understanding of all aspects of tribal energy development are extremely valuable to the organization,” Chairman Melvin J. Baker said. “We wish him the best of luck and look forward to the department’s bright future ahead.” 

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