The Executive Office announces new directors

Southern Ute Indian Tribe Tribal Seal
Southern Ute Indian Tribe

The Executive Office announces, Mr. Andrew Frost as the new Department of Natural Resources director. Frost is an enrolled Southern Ute tribal member. He started working for the tribal government in 1995 in the Lands Division. He remained there 14 years before moving to the Tribal Administration as Executive Officer under Chairmen, Matthew Box, Pearl Casias, Clement Frost and more recently Harold Cuthair at the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe. 

Andrew Frost – Director, Department of Natural Resources

The Executive Office announces, Ms. Amy Barry as the new Tribal Information Services director. Barry is a Southern Ute tribal member and has worked for the tribal government for over 20 years in various capacities, going from a team-oriented employee to Co-Executive Officer and an elected tribal leader. She looks forward to working with the tribal leadership, the government, its entities, and the tribal membership.   

Amy Barry – Director, Southern Ute Tribal Information Services

Both have years of experience in increasingly responsible roles. Please provide a supportive working relationship with Mr. Frost and Ms. Barry as they transition into their new roles. Andrew Frost can be reached 970-563-2263 or, Amy Barry can be reached at 970-563-2281 or 

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support. 

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