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Until further notice: SunUte Skate Park is not open to the public

The Southern Ute Skate Park is closed until further notice, as well as all Southern Ute parks and playgrounds.
Photo Credit: Robert L. Ortiz | SU Drum

Sunshine Cloud Smith Youth  Advisory Council

Southern Ute Dept. of Education

November 3, 2020

Dear Southern Ute tribal membership, Ignacio community and surrounding communities,

Until further notice the Southern Ute Skate Park is not open to the public. It is important at this time that as we are continuing to adhere to the Stay-at-Home policy of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, which remains in effect until further notice.  The Tribe continues to keep all playgrounds and parks closed at this time as well.

Hello, we are the members of the Sunshine Cloud Smith Youth Advisory Council: Jazmin Carmenoros, Chairman; Elliott Hendren, Vice Chairman; Lexy Young, Secretary; Elijah Weaver, Council Member; Sarafins Chackee, Council Member; Nate Hendren, Council Member; and Jace Carmenoros, Council Member. As part of the Youth Council, we have been part of the decision making for bringing the new skate park to reality. We are very excited that it is now nearing completion, but we are very upset that because of COVID-19 and its restrictions we are unable to utilize the skate park. It [the skate park] is definitely a dream come true.

But the reality is that our people and their lives are much more important.  Staying healthy and being diligent about our safety and health for everyone is so much more important at this time.

We are however very disappointed that there have been numerous skaters not only from here but surrounding communities such as: Durango, Bayfield and New Mexico who have crossed the fences of the newly built skate park without regard to safety and basic trespassing rules/laws.  Those kinds of actions make it difficult for everyone else.  We hope this pandemic will soon decrease and/or end so that we can get back to doing the things we all love doing.

Sincerely Sunshine Cloud Smith Youth Advisory Council,

Ms. Jazmin Carmenoros, Chairman

Mr. Elliott Hendren, Vice Chairman

Ms. Lexy Young, Secretary

Mr. Elijah Weaver, Council Member

Ms. Sarafina Chackee, Council Member

Mr. Nate Hendren, Council Member

Mr. Jace Carmenoros, Council Member

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