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Southern Ute COVID-19 testing event update 

Danielle Austin from the Southern Ute Wildlife Division was among the many volunteers who made this testing event possible. The Tribe worked in partnership with International Medical Relief out of Loveland, Colo. whose staff worked to administer the COVID-19 viral tests each day on the Southern Ute Reservation.
Photo Credit: Jeremy Wade Shockley | The Southern Ute Drum

Greeting tribal members, tribal staff, and tribal community, 

The Southern Ute Indian Tribe and the Southern Ute Incident Management Team would like to reiterate the gratitude for all voluntary tribal members, tribal staff, and tribal community members who participated in the Community-Wide COVID-19 Testing Event held June 9-11, 2020.   

The Southern Ute Health Center has diligently been calling all participants as stated in the educational material that were provided based on the information provided by each testing participant on the registration forms completed on each respective day of testing.   

The Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s Incident Management Team is pleased to report we conducted 828 COVID-19 swabbing tests and received only one positive result.  The positive result was not a Southern Ute tribal member and the testing participant has been notified and followed up with the contact tracing group for proactive measures to assist with recovery.   

While the Health Center continues to call all voluntary participants, there are a few phone numbers that do not have voice mail set up or phone numbers are no longer working numbers.  We encourage all participants to contact the Southern Ute Health Center at 970-563-4581 or the Southern Ute Call Center at (970) 563-0214 to inquire and/or clarify test result information.  The Southern Ute Health Center continues to operate daily Monday through Friday, from 8am-1pm to facilitate modified services during the Stay at Home Order. 


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