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SunUte helps fill the Gap

Photo Credit: Sacha Smith | SU Drum archive

SunUte launches the Fill the Gap program; with a new director at the helm, SunUte Community Center’s Recreation and Fitness Departments have taken a new approach to the common phrase “ (lending) giving a helping hand.”

Fill the Gap is a combined initiative meant to help the Boys and Girls Club of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe (BGC) when they are unable to provide activities to the BGC kids, or when the schools are closed.

“We want the kids to feel more at home at SunUte and we also want to provide them with a safe environment,” acting Fitness Director Abel Velasquez said.

On Monday, Feb. 19, the Recreation Department will be taking the kids to Pagosa Springs for snowtubing, weather permitting, or to get some R&R at the hot springs.

One of the main goals for this program is to Introduce kids to new activities while still keeping them active, safe and also freeing up time for BGC to do trainings for their staff. “We can honestly do so much with this program while we all try to help each other out.” said Virgil Morgan, acting SunUte Recreation Manager.

Even though right now, Fill the Gap is only open to Boys and Girls Club members they hope in the near future to be opened up to the community. “We want to introduce a lot of new activities.” Velasquez said.

SunUte plans on splitting up time with the Recreation Department and the Fitness Department when it comes to getting the kids active. Some goals are to use the facility to the fullest and also take some trips around the area.

“We are excited to see where it goes, excited to see the kids do something other than BGC.” Morgan said.

For more questions or for more information about Fill the Gap please call SunUte Community Center at 970-563-0214.

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