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SUPD issue theft alert

Photo Credit: Robert L. Ortiz | The Southern Ute Drum

Throughout La Plata County and the Southern Ute Reservation, thieves have been busy. Houses have been broken into, mailboxes violated, cars and trucks have gone missing and people’s privacy has been invaded. The Southern Ute Police Department has caught some of the people responsible. La Plata County Sheriffs have also been busy. We are sharing information and working together to help solve these crimes. However, more people are still out there and are actively stealing. 

The Southern Ute Police Department needs your help in apprehending the thieves. Alert people are the first line of defense against these criminals. You are our partner in knowing what goes on in your neighborhood. You are the ‘eyes and ears’ of the police department.

By keeping a closer watch over your own property and your neighborhood, thieves have a harder time stealing without getting caught. Keep notes with accurate descriptions of unfamiliar people and vehicles in your neighborhood. It will make reporting things much easier. Talk to our officers when you see them out on patrol. Talk to your neighbors about making your neighborhood safer.

We are asking people to watch for suspicious activity and to secure all their windows and doors. Do not leave keys in vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs and farm equipment. Pay extra attention if your animals are disturbed at night. Check and remove mail from your mailbox frequently. Lock gates and barns to prevent easy access. Be careful about what you post on social media about your plans and when you might be away. Don’t post any new possessions that might become a shopping list for a thief.

The Southern Ute Police Dept. wants you and your property to be safe and secure.

If you see suspicious activity please call the Southern Ute Police Department at 970-563-4401 or 911.

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