Four to compete in Dec. 16 runoff election

Tasha Herrera drops her ballot into the ballot box after voting in the Southern Ute General Election on Friday, Nov. 4 at SunUte Community Center. There will be a run off held on Friday, Dec. 16 between Shane Seibel, Kevin R. Frost, Joycelyn Peabody Dutchie and Adam Red.
Trennie Collins | The Southern Ute Drum


With no candidate having won the majority votes in the General Election Friday, Nov. 4, four will advance to a runoff in December for the two open seats on Tribal Council: Adam Red, Kevin R. Frost, Shane Seibel and Joycelyn Peabody Dutchie.

Tribal Council certified the results on Monday, Nov. 7 by a unanimous vote. Red was the top choice among candidates receiving 136 votes (favored by 46 percent voters casting ballots), but fell short of the 200 votes needed to win an outright seat. Kevin R. Frost and Shane Seibel were the next top two candidates receiving votes. Each garnered 114 votes – each appearing on 26.6 percent of ballots cast. Finishing out the top four candidates advancing to the runoff election was Joycelyn Peabody Dutchie who received 96 votes.

The other seven candidates not continuing to run off: Howard D. Richards fell four votes short of Dutchie garnering 92 votes and 21.5 percent; Marjorie Borst 12 percent, Byron Frost 10 percent, Estelle Monte and Matthew J. Box received, each earned 9.5 percent, Tara Vigil 8.8 percent and Melvin J. Baker 6.7 percent.

There are 918 registered Southern Ute voters. A total of 428 ballots were cast in the general election for a voter turnout of 46.6 percent.

The runoff election will be held Friday, Dec. 16. The two candidates receiving the most votes will be elected to Tribal Council.



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