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Free wills for Southern Utes

Law students from the Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver are coming to Ignacio to prepare wills for Southern Ute tribal members and other Native Americans. They arrive on Sunday, March 13, and will be open for business from Monday, March 14 through Thursday, March 17. The Southern Ute Indian Tribe has generously agreed to host the students at the Sky Ute Casino Resort.

There is no charge for the wills. A law student under the supervision of a supervising attorney will interview each tribal member who participates. The student will then draft the will and present it to the supervising attorney for review. The student will review the will with the client, make any necessary connections, and oversee the signing and witnessing of the will. It is very important have the will properly signed and witnessed, because it will be accepted by the Probate Judge only if it is properly completed.

The law school requires that each law student complete 50 hours of community service prior to graduation. The Denver University law students traditionally spend one of their spring breaks performing community service to satisfy this requirement. Everyone who wishes to have a will drafted should be able to have one completed.

To make an appointment to have your will prepared, please call Julie or Rayelene at the OST Southern Ute Field Office at 970-563-1013. If you have questions, call John Roach, Fiduciary Trust Officer, or visit him at the BIA Agency office across from the community center.

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