On Wednesday, Jan. 20 the Mayor of Ignacio, Stella Cox signed a proclamation declaring that the Town of Ignacio will observe Leonard C. Burch Day as a Town holiday.
Photo Credit: Sacha Smith | The Southern Ute Drum
Photo Credit: Robert L. Ortiz | The Southern Ute Drum
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Town will recognize LCB Day




December 10 has become known to the Southern Ute Indian Tribe as a day to recognize and remember one of the most respected Southern Ute Chairman, Leonard C. Burch. Now very much like Mr. Burch’s legacy, the holiday in his honor is reaching across boundaries. Starting in 2016 Leonard C. Burch Day will be recognized annually as a Town of Ignacio holiday.

In a Town Board meeting, Wednesday, Jan. 20, Mayor, Stella Cox signed a proclamation declaring December 10 a Town holiday.

“He was a strong leader for the tribe … this brings the tribe and the Town closer,” Edward Box III of the Town Board said.

Burch has long been known as a visionary and model leader respected by many at the local, state, tribal and federal levels. Many community members remember Burch and his efforts to make the whole community flourish.

“I’m glad we accepted this as a holiday … I’ve seen a lot of what Leonard C. Burch did with the town and tribe; it’s a good feeling the staff accepted this,” Town Board member, Thomas Atencio said.

“He was a great leader and he always had the vision of the entire community,” Town Board member Dixie Melton, added.

The tribe, and the Burch family have been honoring Leonard C. Burch ‘s legacy since the recognition was established on Dec. 10, 1996.

“It’s a great honor to remember my father because of all the hard work he did, thank you for honoring him, “Leonora Burch said.

Southern Ute Tribal Councilman, Tyson Thompson said Tribal Council is honored the Town took the time to make this holiday possible.

The Proclamation states that the Town of Ignacio, “encourages its residents, businesses, and institutions to celebrate Leonard C. Burch Day and to recognize the accomplishments, sacrifices and contributions Mr. Burch made to our community.”

Along with the Tribe, the Town will now be closed for business in order for staff to pay tribute to the late Chairman.

“He was very considerate of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and the community. He was a leader, a visionary and inspired many people,” Cox said.




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