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Eagle completes Tribal Council

Ramona Y. Eagle was sworn into Southern Ute Indian Tribal Council this morning Friday, Feb. 13 in Council Chambers.
Photo Credit: Damon Toledo | The Southern Ute Drum

Ramona Y. Eagle was sworn into Southern Ute Indian Tribal Council Friday, Feb. 13. Eagle claimed her seat on council after receiving the highest number of votes in Thursday’s Special Election.

“It’s a good day to fulfill our council seats and continue work going forward,” Tribal Chairman Clement J. Frost said.

Eagle will serve out the remaining nine months of Howard D. Richards’ term; who resigned in December.

“I will go wherever the creator wants me to go, and he has placed me here for nine months. I will work hard for the membership,” Eagle said during her opening statement to the membership.

Eagle also brought her first suggestion to council on Friday saying that she wants to develop a focus group consisting of the tribal members.

“I believe it’s time for council to hear [the membership’s] input on the services that are provided,” she said.

Eagle has ten years of council experience under her belt, serving on council from 2003 to 2013, and has prior experience working with some of the current council members.

“It’s a pleasure to work with you again, to laugh with you and to debate with you,” Councilman Alex S. Cloud said. “The creator has put you back in this position to help us.”

New council members Amy J. Barry and Tyson Thompson will be looking up to Eagle for guidance and knowledge.

“It’s an honor to serve with you,” Barry said. “You were a childhood mentor and I believe in your compassion for the people.”

Tyson agreed. “I look forward to gaining knowledge from you,” he said. “I look forward to what the future may hold.”

During her time on council Eagle said she hopes to help unify the tribe as a whole.

“This circle has to be strong. We have to help one another and be strong together,” she said.

Eagle received 36.4 percent of the votes, Bernie Cuthair 18.5 percent, Joycelyn Peabody Dutchie 17.9 percent, Jake B. Ryder 14.7, David Latham 7.8 percent and Shelly L. Thompson 4.6 percent.

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