SUFG boat storage

Contractors break ground on the Tribe’s proposed boat storage facility, with dirt work and excavation underway — concrete foundations are set to be completed ahead of winter.
The project was scheduled for the summer of 2022, but due to factors beyond the Tribe’s control, such as inflation, lack of contractors bidding on the project, and overall economic downturn — the project was pushed back until the fall season, with completion slated for late spring of 2023.
Jeremy Wade Shockley | The Southern Ute Drum
Jeremy Wade Shockley | The Southern Ute Drum

Architectural rendering for the boat storage project, located off of Hwy. 151, at the entrance to the Southern Ute Fairgrounds, east of Ignacio. The storage facility will benefit the Southern Ute Fairgrounds operations as a year-round revenue driver for years to come.

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