State of the library 

Ignacio Community Library, ICL Logo, ICL art
Photo Credit: Ignacio Community Library

It seems to be the thing to do, a recap of the past year. And oh, what a year. But as I look at this past year, I must say I’m proud of our library community, our staff and our patrons. From being closed briefly to numerous restrictions on how and when we gather, we’ve taken some hits. The good news is that we’ve come through it quite well. We managed to continue to offer services when many others were still closed. Our patrons were thoughtful, considerate, and understanding of any restrictions we imposed for the safety of our staff and patrons.  

Many of our programs were still held; we hosted summer reading, adult book clubs, and continued to offer our many business services. Families picked up hundreds of the Take & Make kits to work on at home and participated in numerous maker events and contests.  It was wonderful to have groups come to the library and be able to gather outside. It was so heartening to see renewed friendships and relationships as folks gathered during the music series over the summer months.  

Materials went flying out the door! Books and movies, audio books and children’s materials came and went in rapid succession. Our courier was busy bringing books in from all around the state and folks were reading, reading, reading!  

At this time, we’re already looking forward to spring and summer, to getting together and hosting all manner of events. We hope to help you weather the coming winter months with plenty of good reading and viewing material to cozy up with when the weather outside is indeed frightful. As we put 2021 behind us and gaze into 2022 it is my hope that we continue on with grace for each other, a helping hand when we need it, and a chance to be even more of what community truly is. 

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