Gerald Howe, SUPD Dispatcher

Gerald Howe is a Southern Ute tribal member. He was recently hired into the Dispatcher Trainee Program.
Gerald is pictured with tribal member, Faren Burch. Faren oversees the Dispatcher Training Program for SUPD. We hope to have another opportunity for a qualified tribal member who may want to serve their community.
Chris Naranjo | SUPD
Chris Naranjo | SUPD

I wanted to introduce Gerald Howe. Gerald is a Southern Ute tribal member. He was recently hired into the Dispatcher Trainee Program. The program is a year-long training program. Part of the program includes attending the Indian Police Academies Dispatcher Training Program in Artesia, N.M. Gerald will work alongside trainers during the program. 

Gerald will work both day and night shifts. He will work with different trainers. Gerald will also attend other trainings as they become available. He will be graded on his progress as he moves forward. The ultimate goal is to have Gerald working as a solo, fully trained, and certified dispatcher. 

He grew up on the Southern Ute Reservation. He enjoys hunting, fishing and being outdoors. Gerald says, “Being here on the reservation has given a lot of opportunities for the upcoming years; but as of right now, here is where I stand.”

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