Working at SunUte: Grace Gonzales

Grace Gonzales, Youth Employment Prrogram – SunUte Community Center
Photo Credit: SunUte

Hello, my name is Grace Gonzales, I am a member of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and have been using the YEP program for two years now.  

I enjoy using this resource to help guide me into being an adult soon and have those characteristics to be able to adapt to different work environments. I really enjoy working here at the SunUte Community Center with my amazing, enthusiastic, and wonderful co-workers. 

On my first day, I met Deanna Cruz, Lisa Olguin, and Divine Windy Boy. They started me at the front desk learning how to use the programs, create memberships, check out drinks, and answering phones. The first day was long, full of learning, and most of all a lot of socializing with our customers.  

As the weeks went on with me working here, I began to realize that we all have our ups and downs of being a receptionist and making the best of the day. 

I have learned in this job that no matter if you are having a tough time, put a smile on your face and the negativity goes through one ear and out the other. You have a job and you have protocols, or policies, that your boss gives you and you have to follow.  

During this job you have the nicest, most kind-hearted, most wonderful people you could ever meet, but you also experience the not so nice. A characteristic that we could all learn is to keep to ourselves and always have a smile, even behind our mask, people appreciate that.  

Working in this environment our customers notice the smallest things, and our front desk staff continues to get compliments every day. I enjoy that.  

The staff that I work with can make your day in seconds. Not to forget our boss Robin, who is so happy, energetic, the most big-hearted and open-minded lady you could ever meet. She is such a blessing to this community, and to our tribe. During this job she helped me open up, have the courage to talk to customers, and made me feel comfortable at this job and I appreciate that. 

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