Can a book do that?

Photo Credit: Ignacio Community Library

This month the Ignacio Library is partnering with local schools to offer the books We’re all Wonders and Wonder by R.J. Palacio. In conjunction with a virtual visit by Michael Casey, a young man from the Denver area who has the same syndrome, Treacher-Collins, as the character from the books the library will be providing activity packs, classroom sets and more.  

These books are lovely reminders of what it feels like to be different, to be unique, and how we all can impact each other for good. Can a book really do that you might ask? And yes, I believe books can. Books offer the reader many things; a chance to escape reality or a chance to process reality. Kids, like adults, use reading both ways. Sometimes we can better handle our own lives, the frustrations and disappointments we face when we can take a break via a good book. It gives us a chance to regroup and face hard times. Or, we might need ideas of how to approach a trying situation or person, which we might also get through a well written book. It’s wonderful to be able to see a character that we identify with succeeding, overcoming, and making a difference.  

This is the case in these books from author Palacio. Do we have the same syndrome? No, but we all know what it feels like to feel different, to feel like an outsider. Those feelings that are a common human experience. And through these books we are given insight to how other people feel, how we can be of help, an encouragement to others, a part of building up rather than tearing down. 

Your kids may have an opportunity to hear Mr. Casey talk about his experiences of growing up different and his approach to overcoming, living your dream, your “best life.” I hope that you will also stop by the library and check out the books by R.J. Palacio, and others. Whether you’re needing a literary world to escape to, or help with a tough situation, I believe an answer can be found in a book … because, yes … a book CAN do that.    

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