Durango approves funding for city’s first-ever EV fast-charging station

La Plata Electric Association

In its latest move to promote the local use of electric vehicles, Durango City Council recently approved $10,997 in funds for Durango’s first-ever electric vehicle DC fast-charging station. With a total cost of $306,578, this project will leverage funding from the Colorado Energy Office (CEO), La Plata Electric Association (LPEA), and ChargePoint.

The DC fast-charging station will be located in the Durango Transit Center parking lot next to two of the existing Level 2 EV charging stations. It will allow up to two vehicles to charge simultaneously, delivering a full charge in approximately 20 minutes. By comparison, the Level 2 charger takes roughly four hours to deliver a full charge. The station is expected to be operational by June.

The fast-charging station will be part of a network of fast charging “corridors” developed across the state by the Colorado Energy Office and will help make electric vehicles a more reliable and convenient option for both local and visitors.

“With transportation accounting for approximately 28 percent of community-wide greenhouse gas emissions, supporting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles alongside a transition to clean electricity will be critical to achieving the city’s adopted emissions reduction goals,” said Imogen Ainsworth, City of Durango Sustainability Coordinator.

The City of Durango and LPEA are working together to develop an EV Readiness Plan to help residents and visitors make the switch to electric vehicles, saving money and reducing pollution along the way. The plan considers EV charging infrastructure, LPEA fleet electrification, and the public adoption of EVs.

“This project hits many of LPEA’s operational objectives by supporting our community, reducing emissions, and boosting beneficial electrification,” said LPEA CEO Jessica Matlock. “To support the growth of the EV market, we must first start with the infrastructure, and that takes partnerships. Working with the city to achieve joint goals that benefit our community has been a pleasure. We look forward to continued collaboration.”

As of jan. 1, nearly 33,000 EVs were registered in Colorado. The Colorado Energy Office predicts the state will have more than 800,000 EVs on the road by 2030, representing a 12 percent market share.

Community members and visitors are invited to share their thoughts and ideas related to electric vehicles through a short survey available at DurangoGov.org/VirtualCityHall. To learn more about city of Durango electric vehicle initiatives, visit DurangoGov.org/EVready

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