Heroic measures 

Southern Ute tribal member, Jakob Box
Photo Credit: Courtesy Jakob Box

Southern Ute tribal member, Jakob Box helped save a woman’s life in Durango, Colo. on Wednesday, April 8. Box and his girlfriend, Mikayla Robinson, were running an errand near Bodo Industrial Park when they noticed a woman walking in and out of traffic on South Camino Del Rio, clearly not in her right state of mind. Realizing that no one else was pulling over to help her, Box turned around to help. “We noticed her walking, and leaning on the bridge. We noticed that cars were just driving by, so we decided we needed to turn around, and see if she was safe.”  

Once he arrived, it was clear that she intended to harm herself, positioning herself on the edge of the High Bridge, which crosses over the Animas River. Box began to speak with her in an effort to calm her down and offer reassurance. “When I was walking up her, I was trying to get her to focus on us, rather than jumping. She seemed encouraged to get closer to the edge, at one point she actually had her feet over the bridge,” Box explained. “I was talking to her, reassuring her that I as there for her.” What was on my mind was not letting her do what she had come there to do.”  

Another driver pulled over, coming over to assist; Sabastian Woodall of Farmington, N.M., who immediately restrained the woman to the ground with Box’s help. “I didn’t want to tackle her,” Box explained. “We just kinda held her down to keep her there.” 

The Durango Police Department had already been notified, and officers arrived quickly on the scene. “The whole ordeal lasted five to six minutes,” noted Box. 

I hope that situation never has to come around in her in life again, said Jakob Box. I understand that it’s scary.” 

The Durango Police Department applauded the two young individuals for their actions and bravery in the situation stating, “The Durango Police Department wants to thank these two men and an unknown female for acting. Especially because they risked their own safety and possible exposure to the coronavirus. Sometimes, we need to stop watching the world go by and act! 

Box and Woodall restrained the female on the ground, keeping her safe until police arrived. When officers did arrive, the 31-year-old female was taken into protective custody and transported to a facility for help. 

“I was glad that I could be there for her. It would be nice to know that she is doing better and is at a better point in her life than at that moment, Box emphasized 















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