Snow removal 2019/2020

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Southern Ute Indian Tribe Information Hotline 970-563-4800

General Information

During times of snow accumulations of 5 or more inches, please move your vehicles to the side so the drivers can plow an area for you to park in. Our drivers will do their best to avoid plowing snow behind or close to your walkways and vehicles. Please understand our drivers do their best to serve you and many others during snow storms and they may be delayed if they get stuck or have equipment failure or difficulties. Also, please know our plow drivers must be able to plow snow and cannot devote time to manual snow removal. If you are Disabled or a Frail Elder and you need assistance with manual snow removal, please contact Tribal Housing at 970-563-4710. Information on Tribal Office closures, weather reports, and clinic updates are available by calling the Tribal Hotline at 970-563-4800.

Walkways – Snow Removal

Snow removal from walkways will only be done for the Disabled or Frail Elders the order of priority is: 1st) Dialysis Patients; 2nd) the Disabled or Frail Elders. If you believe you should be included in one of the categories, please contact Tribal Housing 970-563-4710.

Roof – Snow Removal

Snow removal service from the roof of the home is for the Disabled and Elders. In general, roof snow will be removed if the snow depth accumulates more than twelve (12) inches or to a level where safety concerns are evident or potential damage to roof or structures may occur. Snow will ONLY be removed from areas where the crew can reach safely from the ground. If you believe you need this service, please contact Construction Services Division 970-563-0260.

Livestock – Snow Plowing

Plowing snow for livestock is done by the Ag. Division and is low on the priority list. There is a minimum charge of $35 due in advance for all livestock snowplowing. The cost is $35 per hour for the first hour and then $30 per hour for time in excess of one hour plus .35 cents per mile one way for travel time on livestock snow plowing. Please contact Agriculture Division, Custom Farm at 970-563-0220 if you wish to pay for these services.

Please remember to move personal items such as bikes, lawn mowers, water hoses, planter boxes or any other item out of the way, so that they do not get damaged by the snow plows.

NOTE: 1st and 2nd Priority Only: Please contact department to notify them of early morning doctor appointments.



The Tribe will make every attempt to plow snow quickly and properly. The order of priority is: 1st) Dialysis Patients; 2nd) the Disabled or Frail Elders; and, 3rd) Tribal Member Elders. Snow plowing for all other Tribal Members is performed by dividing plow routes into designated areas shown below. Snow plowing will begin when snow accumulation is over five (5) inches. Dialysis/the Disabled/Frail Elders snow shoveling will begin when snow accumulation is over three (3) inches. This service is provided to Southern Ute Membership only (No Rentals) Member must be living in residence. Please be patient during heavy snows, the drivers are making every attempt to get to you quickly.

Construction Services Route: 970-563-0260

Cedar Point East and West, Cedar Point Townhomes, Chief Shavano Ignacio Peak, Town of Ignacio – Elders/ the Disabled, HWY 172 South from County Rd. 318 to La Boca, East of Pine River, South of Bayfield to La Boca Allison & Arboles area.

Motor Pool Route: 970-563-0280

North of Ignacio, West of Pine River Breen & Red Mesa Area, Airport & Weasleskin.

Custom Farm Route: 970-563-0220

Snow Plowing for Live Stock only.

Forestry Fuels Crew: 970-563-4780

WALKWAYS – (Roof snow at entry only). Shovel walkways for: 1st) Dialysis Patients; 2nd) Disabled/Frail. Roof rake at entry only with accumulation of 12” or more.

BIA Route: 970-563-9484

BIA does not clear driveways: Roads include Ute Road, Cedar Point East and West, Ignacio Peak, Howe Dr., Sunset Circle Loop, Pow Wow Circle, Sunset Meadows, Tamuche, Piwood, Shoshone Ave., Bear Dance Road, and North Ridge.

Housing Authority Route: 970-563-4575

Snow removal for Tribal Dialysis, Disabled, & Elder: Roads include Sunset Circle, Senior Center, Ignacio Peak’s Northridge Rentals, Shoshone Ave., and Jefferson Dr.

Grounds Maintenance: 970-563-0272

All campus parking areas: Museum, J&R, Justice, Purchasing, Sun Ute, Peaceful Spirit, LCB, Annex, Elders, SUIMA School, MCB, KSUT, Clinic, Dental, Multi-Purpose & Chapel, I.H.S., Higher Education, Election/Tribal Housing, Food Distribution, Parking lots, & Sidewalks.

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