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The World We Used to Live In: Remembering the Powers of the Medicine Men

Native American actor Wes Studio, of the Cherokee Nation, graces the stage at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colo.
Photo Credit: Jeremy Wade Shockley | Archive Photo

First Release for Native American audiobook publisher, read by Wes Studi

Contemporary indigenous writers and thinkers now have a new platform to share their voices. Indigenous Audiobooks announces the release of its first book, “The World We Used to Live In: Remembering the Powers of the Medicine Men,” by Vine Deloria, Jr.

Read by celebrated Native American Actor Wes Studi (Cherokee), beloved Native American Scholar Vine Deloria, Jr. (Standing Rock Sioux) takes us into the realm of the spiritual through eyewitness accounts revealing the immense power of medicine men. His final book before his death in 2005, “The World We Used to Live In,” is a fascinating collection of anecdotes from tribes across the country, exploring everything from healing miracles and sacred rituals to Navajos who could move the Sun. In this compelling work, which draws upon a lifetime of scholarship, Deloria uncovers how ancient powers fit into our modern understanding of science and the cosmos, and how we can learn from the old ways.

“Vine Deloria accomplishes what I would have thought impossible,” says Huston Smith, author of “The World’s Religions.”

“This is a veritable library between two covers. Its conception, its scope and its eloquence make it, in my judgement, the best single book on Native Americans ever written.”

“For centuries indigenous stories and traditions were passed down through generations of oral history. Our mission with Indigenous Audiobooks is to honor this oral tradition by recording the stories and ideas of contemporary indigenous writers and thinkers and providing a platform to distribute them in the digital age,” says Indigenous Audiobooks Producer Bobby Bridger. “We chose to start with Vine’s powerful, and in my opinion, best work, ‘The World We Used to Live In.’ Not only is it a priceless addition to the history of mankind, but the power of how all these stories were told to the author is amplified now in the spoken word.”

“The World We Used to Live In: Remembering the Powers of the Medicine Men,” by Vine Deloria, Jr., is available for download exclusively at www.indegenousaudiobooks.comfor $20. Length: 10 hours, 46 minutes.

Vine Deloria, Jr.

Named as one of the greatest religious thinkers of the twentieth century by Time magazine, Vine Deloria, Jr. was a leading Native American scholar whose research, writings, and teachings on history, law, religion, and political science have not only changed the face of Indian Country but stand to influence future generations of Native and non-Native Americans alike. His many acclaimed books include: Evolution, Christianity and Other Modern Myths, Red Earth White Lies, God Is Red, The Metaphysics of Modern Existence, Spirit and Reason, and Custer Died for Your Sins.

Wes Studi

Since his breakthrough role in the multiple Academy Award-winning film “Dances With Wolves,” Wes Studi’s star rose steadily in one brilliant performance after another. From Magua in “The Last of the Mohicans” and the lead role in “Geronimo,” to major television roles including Lt. Joe Leaphorn in the Robert Redford-produced movie series from Tony Hlllerman’s popular books to the popular “Penny Dreadful,” Wes has earned his place as a leading American Indian actor in the 21st century.

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