Photo Credit: SU Utilities Division
Photo Credit: SU Utilities Division
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Solid waste program


The Solid Waste Program provides a means for all Tribal commercial and residential customers to dispose of their trash. The Program contracts for trash disposal services for both residential and commercial customers. Residential customers are provided polycarts and commercial customers have the choice of polycarts or dumpsters. Polycarts and dumpsters are emptied weekly. The Program also operates and maintains a Transfer Station that has two 30-yard open top “roll off’ trash receptacles and a bum pile. The roll offs are emptied as needed. The Program coordinates with other Tribal Departments and provides free trash collection and disposal during a week in the spring and one in the fall. Household and special wastes are usually collected twice per year at the Transfer Station and then disposed of by a certified Special Waste Company. The Solid Waste Monitor operates and maintains the Transfer Station.

Transfer Station Administrative Procedures:

1. The Transfer Station and Burn Pile are for Tribal Member’s and Tribal Department use only. Customers are allowed to dump 5 cubic yards of personal trash per week at the Station. Tribal Member customers wishing to use the Transfer Station are required to register annually at the Utilities Division main office to receive a vehicle pass granting access to the Station. Two passes per Tribal Member household will be given annually. No contractors will be allowed to use the Station. Other Tribal Programs and Departments are allowed to dump approved items at the Station.

2. Items that will be allowed at the Transfer Station include the following:

  • General Household Garbage
  • Chemicals and Oil Common to Household Use
  • Latex and Oil Based House Paints
  • Home Appliances, Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Home Electronics
  • Car Batteries
  • Branches, Leaves and Burnable Lumber

3. Items that will not be allowed at the Transfer Station include the following:

  • Construction Debris
  • Remodeling Debris
  • Home and Property Demolishment Project Debris
  • Commercial or Contractor Debris
  • Chemicals and Oil Common in Quantity and Use to Commercial or Industrial Applications
  • Concrete, Masonry and Rocks
  • Dead Animals
  • Stumps or Logs Greater than 611 in Diameter
  • Vehicles and Trailers
  • Tires (Except During the Spring and Fall Clean Up Events)
  • Poisons

4. The Transfer Station is typically open Monday through Saturday with normal hours of operation posted at the front gates. The Station is subject to administrative, holiday and weather related closures without prior public notice.

Trash Pickup Administrative Procedures:

Residential Customers must place their polycarts at the side of the road by 6:30 a.m. on their scheduled pickup day or risk the chance of their trash not getting picked up by the Contractor.

Elders and Handicapped customers may have their polycarts picked up at their home (verses the road) by making arrangements through the Division Office. The trash contractor will place blue stakes at the entrance to the Elder or Handicapped customers driveway indicating their special needs.

Customers must report that their polycart was not emptied to the Utilities Division Office within 24 hours of the scheduled weekly pickup to obtain a special pickup. If the reason for the missed pickup is due to scheduling errors or mechanical issues by the Contractor, Utilities staff will pickup and dump Customer polycarts free of charge. If the missed pickup is due to the Customer not placing their polycart curbside in time for the Contractor to pick it up, they will have to wait until the following week’s regular pickup or may request a special trash pickup by Utilities staff. Special trash pickups in this circumstance will be charged a $30 fee.

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