Students compete in Regional Science Fair

Mia Tallbird’s science fair project titled “How Many Questions We Ask” sets out to ascertain which gender is prone to asking the most questions on an average day.
Tribal member, Lauryn Hastings of St. Columba School stands with her science fair entry at the Regional Science Fair held in Durango, Colo. on Thursday, March 2. Hastings won 2nd place in the 6th grade St. Columba Science Fair advancing her to regional.
Avaleena Nanaeto of Ignacio shows off her Regional Science Fair entry titled “Dissolving Candy”. Nanaeto took home a third place ribbon at the Regional Science Fair.
Jeremy Wade Shockley | SU Drum
Jeremy Wade Shockley | SU Drum
Jeremy Wade Shockley | SU Drum



Abbi B : Third place and STATE

Matthew B: 2nd place and STATE

Arielle B: 2nd place

Jeffrey B: Regional Champ and STATE

Ashely FM: Regional Champ

Bella L: 2nd place

Keaton M: HM

Avaleena N: 3rd place

Zane O: HM

Karely P: Special award $50.  2nd place.  (2nd STATE alternate)


Alexis P: HM

Eppie Q: 2nd place

John R: HM

Teagan R: 3rd place and STATE

Trinity S: HM

Chayton W: Regional Champ

Keona W: Regional Champ

Noel S: HM (4th STATE alternate)

James M: Air Force award, Math award, Regional Champ, STATE



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