Raining Bird joins SunUte, Shining Mountain Wellness

Photo Credit: Jeremy Wade Shockley | The Southern Ute Drum


Fitness Program Specialist, Todd Raining Bird started his new position with the Southern Ute Indian Tribe on Tuesday, Feb. 21. Raining Bird, Northern Cheyenne, hails from Busby, Mont.

“I have experience working with Native Americans and diabetes,” Raining Bird said. “Along with personal training experience.”

This unique skill set lends itself to a brand new program, split 50/50 between SunUte Community Center and the Shining Mountain Wellness Program.

“I would encourage my patients to do their own research, and find what type of exercise they like and enjoy,” he said. “It leads to a lifestyle change.”

“Exercise might be a different road for patients,” said Raining Bird. “They might see a difference.”

Raining Bird said he would like to see more people be open to working out. His job will be to help tailor exercises to each individual’s personal needs, he said.

Raining Bird encourages people to come to the trainer’s desk at SunUte, or speak to the Shining Mountain Wellness Program if they are interested in the program.

“Type 2 Diabetes is preventable,” he said. “I would like to live in a world where no one gets Type 2 Diabetes.”

Raining Bird is a Certified Fitness Trainer who has experience working with athletes, youth and elders. He has worked with programs in Montana and Colorado, earning his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. Raining Bird graduated this past December from Fort Lewis College.





















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