Student of the season

Photo Credit: McKayla Lee | The Southern Ute Drum

Southern Ute tribal member Orion Watts has been nominated as the Southern Ute Student of the Season for the Fall of 2019. Watts currently attends the second grade at Ignacio Elementary School. His parents are Orion Watts and Jalisa Paul.

“Orion is an awesome young man who makes me smile. He has grown so much this year and demonstrates kindness to all,” Southern Ute Public Education Teacher Carrie Vogel shared. “I have loved seeing him grow! He is very respectful and caring towards everyone” Orion’s Second Grade Teacher, Ms. Lee said.

“I am just so proud of him, he takes the initiative, he is truly the best big brother and he is my role model. He keeps me honest; he keeps me hardworking and he keeps me on that red road. He makes me want to be better, I am so proud of him,” Orion’s grandmother expressed.

McKayla Lee: Why do you think you have been nominated to be student of the season? How does that make you feel?

Orion Watts: I think because I’m good at math. It makes me feel good and proud.

ML: What do you like best about school?

OW: My friends and Ms. Lee.

ML: Do you have a favorite subject?

OW: Yeah, I like PE because they have a lot of games and I like art. I make art like the fairy gnome homes we just made.

ML: Who do you look up to? Who are some of your role models?

OW: Uhm, Ms. Lee and my whole classroom. My dad and mom and my baby sister and grandma.

ML: Why are they your role models?

OW: because they help me when I am sad.

ML: Do you know what you want to do after high school?

OW: Be a police officer.

ML: Really, why?

 OW: I want to stop crime.

ML: How does being student of the season make you feel?


ML: And why is that?

OW: Because I like getting picked and it makes me feel proud.

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