Fifth grade continues on

Davian Herrera also received his certificate and an award. Herrera is one of 64 students that will continue on to the sixth grade in the Ignacio Middle School.
The fifth-grade choir performed the song “This is Me” at the Continuation Ceremony on the evening of Tuesday, May 21. The song highlighted the hard work of the choir students and featured solos from Kalia Olguin-Anthony and Samantha Riddell.
Southern Ute tribal member, Kaya Bison smiles as she receives her certificate from her teacher Mr. Atkinson.
Fabian Martinez | SU Drum
Fabian Martinez | SU Drum
Fabian Martinez | SU Drum



Tis the season for graduates around the nation including those Kindergarteners and final elementary school classes. For those Ignacio Elementary students graduating and transitioning on, the ceremonies reflected their past years and achievements. Those in attendance were treated to: a slide show, performances, awards, speeches and presentations of diplomas to the classes. Many students were excited to transition into the first grade or Middle School and the summer break season, while teachers and parents were sad to see their students grow and move onward. See more graduation coverage in the June 7th issue of the Drum. Congratulations to the Kindergarten class of 2031 and the Fifth-grade class of 2026.

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