Academy Parental Group hosts family breakfast

Shiri Howell enjoys breakfast with her son, Joe Howell at the SUIMA family breakfast on Wednesday, Feb. 17.
Families were treated with a fresh breakfast consisting of green chili burritos, mixed fruit, and milk.
Damon Toledo | The Southern Ute Drum
Damon Toledo | The Southern Ute Drum

The Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy recently hosted a family breakfast on the morning of Wednesday, Feb. 17. The breakfast was provided by the Parent Advisory Group, which is consisted of parents and teachers who bring forth strategies, concerns, and solutions that would further benefit Academy students and their academics. The first family breakfast served green chili burritos, fruit, and milk – while the parents took time to meet with the instructors.

“[The Parent Advisory Group] has worked very hard to get these events together and talk about learning strategies for the kids,” Carol Baker Olguin, SUIMA director said. “They’re planning different events in the future, so there will be a lot going on with our students.”

Leann Wilson, chairperson of the Parent Advisory Group, gave a statement regarding the group’s objectives.

“The committee was originally established through Tribal Council, who provide resources for us such as budgets. As a group, we advise the administration and front office about strategies that will work for the students. It’s a way of getting the parents involved with SUIMA and to collaborate on different ideas. We have other events coming up, including a silent auction and book fair. We’re going to be busy the next couple of months, but we’re happy to go out and adjust our relationships with the community.”

The Parent Advisory Group currently has two open seats available, and encourages anyone to take part in providing support for Academy students. To apply, submit a letter of intent to the SUIMA Administration, or contact them directly at 970-563-0253.

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