Tribe offers lesser-known private school, elders scholarships

The Southern Ute Education Department offers two scholarships that might not be widely known among tribal members: the private education scholarship and the elders scholarship.

The private education scholarship is offered to tribal children in Kindergarten through 12th grade who live on or off of the reservation. The Education Department will help pay for some of the tuition of a private school.

Students must first be accepted into the private school then can fill out an application for the scholarship.

“Private [school] can address the needs of learning for certain kids better than public school,” said La Titia Taylor, director of the Education Department.

The scholarship was first run through the Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy, then transitioned into the hands of the Education Department.

Students must turn in report cards to the Education Department to fulfill the requirements of the scholarship. The department is considering lowering the age limit to cover preschoolers as a future goal, Taylor said.

The elders scholarship is designed to help elders continue their education under the Adult Occupational Training Programs in the Education Department. It’s available to tribal elders 55 and older.

“The scholarship is for those elders who want to keep their minds active,” Taylor said.

The scholarship first started in 2006, but has not been widely used, Taylor said.

More information on both of these scholarships is available by visiting the Education Department or calling 970-563-0237.

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