Shayne Morning Star White Thunder Little Miss Southern Ute 2023-2024
Photo Credit: Divine Windy Boy | The Southern Ute Drum
Photo Credit: Divine Windy Boy | The Southern Ute Drum
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Royalty Quarterly Report: Little Miss Southern Ute Alternate

Shayne White Thunder

Mique Nuchu, 

My name is Shayne Morning Star White Thunder. My Ute name is Tөmөsi’iru “Winter Rose.”  My grandmother Mikki gave me that name because I was born in winter and the rose signifies our people. My Cheyenne name is Azem’heh “Rearing Woman.”  I am named after my Nishgit (grandma) Bobbie. I am the current 2023-2024 Little Miss Southern Ute.  

I am 10 years old, and I attend school at Florida Mesa Elementary in Durango, Colo. in the fourth grade. My mother is Heather White Thunder, and my father is Seth Roubideaux. My paternal grandmother is Mikki Naranjo, and my great-grandparents are the late Eugene Naranjo and the late Dixie Naranjo. My maternal grandparents are Bobbie White Thunder from El Reno, Okla. and the late Ross Denny. I come from the Moache-Capote bands and I’m a descendent of Buckskin Charlie. I am also Cheyenne and Arapaho from my mother’s side.  

I like to read, play video games, draw/paint, play basketball, and I am learning how to bead and sew. I enjoy representing the Southern Ute Tribe and I continue to learn every day. 

The following are events that I have attended and participated in this quarter: 

December 2023  

  • Dec. 1: Attended a Tribal Council event that recognized council members who concluded their terms. 
  • Dec. 2: Attended the First Annual Christmas Tree lighting at the Casino. 
  • Dec. 2: Attended and danced at the Durango School Round Dance. 
  • Dec. 16: Represented at the Eugene White Thunder descendants benefit dance in Concho, Okla. 

January 2024

  • Jan. 13: Attended and danced at the January community powwow. 
  • Jan. 19: Represented and danced for SUIMA students at the SUIMA talent show. 
  • Jan. 22 & 29: Attended and told stories at the Ute storytelling events. 

February 2024 

  • Feb. 10: Attended and danced at the February community powwow. 
  • Feb. 27: I did an interview with Native Lens for Royalty to be featured in a film. 

I have enjoyed attending different events and traveling to represent the Southern Ute Tribe and meeting new people. I am excited to attend upcoming events.  


Shayne Morning Star White Thunder 

Little Miss Southern Ute 


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