Youth explore Ute culture

Ezra Watts and Ammonie Johnson observed different types of small and medium animal pelts as well as a Bull Bison Skull which is part of a presentation given by Wildlife Technician Jon Broholm during their trip to the Southern Ute Bison Corral with Southern Ute Wildlife on Tuesday, June 28.
Cultural Camp attendees and staff were brought onto the 350-acre fenced pasture to get a closer observation of the bison and learn about their behavior. During their trip attendees learned about the distribution of culled bison to the Tribe and the cultural uses.
Southern Ute Wildlife Technician Jon Broholm lead camp goers through the Southern Ute Bison Corral and explained each station’s purpose to the children, throughout his presentation Broholm spoke of the cultural significance of the Bison to the Ute people.
Divine Windy Boy | SU Drum
Divine Windy Boy | SU Drum
Divine Windy Boy | SU Drum

The Cultural Preservation Department hosted their annual Youth Culture Camp for children ages six to ten years old on Tuesday, June 28 through Thursday, June 30.  During Culture Camp, participants enjoyed onsite Ute language, cultural activities, tour of the Southern Ute Bison Corral with Southern Ute Wildlife, swimming at SunUte Community Center, and field trips to Treasure Falls and Lake Capote for fishing. The Youth Culture Camp is led by employees of the Cultural Preservation Department. 

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