Museum researches Ute basketry

The Southern Ute Museum in Ignacio, Colo., is currently researching Ute basketry for an ongoing exhibit.

The baskets in the Southern Ute Museum’s collection are from White Mesa, and include baskets made by: Stella Eyetoo, Alice Lehi, Shirley Denetsosie, Amanda May, Lola Mike, Rachel Eyetoo, Rose Mary Lang, and Susan Whyte.

The basket exhibit case is in the Permanent Gallery and will rotate annually. The exhibit focuses on materials, harvesting and preparation, technique and uses, and will highlight a specific weaver with each annual rotation.

This year, the exhibit will feature the work of Nedra Ketchum.

To continue maintaining an annual basket exhibit, the Southern Ute Museum is seeking additional information and resources. Currently, the Museum has access to several oral history interviews from individuals in White Mesa, and a short list of publications on the topic.

The Museum would like to develop a variety of resources directly from the Ute community through interviews, photographs, baskets, and basket- associated items.

Please contact Delana Joy Farley, Museum Curator, at 970-563-2976 for details.

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