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Uto-Aztecan Shonshonean-Numic Reunion comes to Ignacio

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Each year the Shoshonean Reunion committee selects a site for the annual gathering. Representatives from the major tribes assists a host committee with their reunion planning. The hosts for the 19th annual reunion are the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe and the Ute Tribe — the event will be held in Ignacio, Colo.

It’s a great opportunity for the Tribe to show our similarities between culture and language within Ute and Shoshonean culture. “Our overall goal is to have a good reunion for all who visits us considering like one big family and acknowledging that, and that they know they do have family here in Ignacio and that they are Ute,” said Edward Box III, Cultural Preservation Director for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe.

The annual language reunions have been held in Idaho, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and now for the first time, they will be hosting the reunion in Colorado.

In the past reunions there were hand drum contests, fashion shows, song and dance presentations, workshop presentations, tours and relay races.

This year there will be a cradleboard workshop, powwow yoga, and traditional hand games.

The purpose of Shoshonean Reunion is to emphasize cultural teachings; many craft people have contributed their knowledge and skills to the reunion demonstrations, displays and classes over the years.

Youth participants will get a free t-shirt for participating in the Youth Run. Currently there are about 486 participants. The Southern Ute Tribal Departments involved include: Sky Ute Casino Resort, Southern Ute Museum and the SunUte Community Center.

The late Reeves Nahwooksy said in his letter about the history of the Shoshonean Reunions, “… But through each one the fact that we are one people in language and tradition but learn new customs in food and practices which makes us more knowledgeable and proud to be together.”

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