Many Moons Ago: May 1, 2015

Three tribal members
Lorraine Watts
Special Election Board
Three tribal members enjoy the spring air during the Wildlife Retreat. Pictured are Bryce Red, Vice Chairman Vida Peabody, and Rolling Thunder. Yes, the big bull bison has an enrollment number and is a full member of the tribe. published April 28, 1995,
Lorraine Watts doesn’t want to move a muscle while her teacher draws her outline at the Southern Ute Head Start’s Field Day. Published April 29, 2005.
Special Election Board for the Referendum Proposal are (left to right) Annabelle Eagle, Sunshine Smith and Ruby Taylor. They urge all Southern Ute tribal members to register to vote before May 17 and to vote on Friday, May 24, 1985. Published May 3, 1985.
John Rehorn |SU Drum Archive
Beth Santistevan | SU Drum Archive
SU Drum Archive

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