Many Moons Ago

Ten years ago: The students at the Southern Ute Indian Academy celebrated children’s book author Dr. Seuss’ birthday on Wednesday, March 2. The students from the Upper Elementary read books to the students in the Lower Elementary and finished the celebration off with healthy servings of real “Green Eggs and Ham”.
20 years ago: Shirley Frost bids farewell to IHS. Frost celebrates her retirement with granddaughter Kelsey.
30 years ago: Mr. Douglas Eagle Remington, KSUT Program Director shown above accepting the first Video Movie Rental tape from Mr. James Jefferson. Mr. Remington was the Southern Ute Movies To Go’s first customer. Thank you Douglas for your patronage.
Beth Santistevan| SU Drum Archive
J. Rehorn| SU Drum Archive
Trennie Collins | The Southern Ute Drum

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