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My fellow Tribal Members,


How does one disrespect Tribal member Veterans, both living and deceased? And how does one publicly and visibly steal from another Tribal member even under so-called “watchful eyes” of the Tribal Council and Executives? Easy … just ask the PowWow Committee! They happen to be the latest predator in town, taking & using what does not belong to them, denying responsibility and “Oh, Yes”, finger-pointing at someone else for THEIR mis-deeds! Let me explain.

In the early part of August, while in the TAB, I happened to see the new 2015 PowWow poster with the Veterans design that I created in 1997. My Veterans design is a “border” design that I created and consider to be my artistic property, yet I feel it belongs to the Southern Ute Veterans Association. It is has been used with my permission since 2002 to frame the Southern Ute Veterans Associations Park War Monuments, Veterans calendars, Christmas cards, Veterans Certificates, Veterans’ Day and Memorial Day celebrations and the Tribal website. The PowWow Committee neither sought nor was granted permission to use my border design for their 2015 poster … they basically stole it from me and the Veterans Association! And they denied doing it!

I have talked to the Veterans Group Commander and he did not give his permission to use the design. The Southern Ute Drum staff told the Pow Wow Committee that they would not put the border design on a new poster because the design belongs to the Veterans Association. So, guess what? The PowWow Committee took the poster to Basin Printing! These folks have done work for the Veterans Assoc. before, have a copy of the border design and were quite accustomed to dealing with the Executive Office Manager who, in the past, handled the Veterans Assoc. paperwork (including Veterans posters). It appears that a “fast-one” was pulled on Basin Printing by the PowWow Committee member. I have worked with Basin Printing for well over 17 years and know that they will not print anything until the “Proof document” is approved and signed off by the purchaser. In this case … the PowWow Committee!

The Tribal Pow Wow Committee Chairperson & Executive Office Mgr. both told me that it was Basin Printing who was at fault by using the border and they would write and apology to me and the Veterans for their oversight/discrepancy. Nothing has yet been done!

In order to remedy this injustice, I discussed the matter with Chairman Frost, Vice-Chair Ramona Eagle and XO Janelle Doughty. To date, I have received no reply and absolutely NOTHING has been done.

I am a Viet Nam combat veteran who was drafted in 1970, stayed “in-country” for close to fourteen months and was honorably discharged. I feel disrespected by the actions of those who I have mentioned and by the lack of action of the Tribal leadership. My grievance has gone unanswered and unresolved.

Rod Grove

Viet Nam Combat Veteran

Southern Ute Tribal Member/Elder/Sun Dancer

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