Many Moons Ago

10 Years Ago: As the Utes have done for generations, they gathered May 27 – 30, 2011 at the Bear Dance Corral in Ignacio to welcome the spring and celebrate the coming of a new year. This year’s festivities were accompanied by a host of others, including a powwow, an art fair, a softball tournament, and a day to remember the brave warriors who have served their Tribe and country in the armed services. The events served as a reminder that as much as some things change, many others remain as they’ve been for ages – such as the Southern Utes’ vibrant spirit, the spirit of the bear.
20 Years Ago: Georgia McKinley, Ute Language Coordinator, directs the students of the Southern Ute Indian Academy in singing a song she wrote for the Academy’s first graduation ceremony held in Veteran’s Park on May 24, 2001. The song entitled “Let’s Walk Together,” was sung entirely in the Ute language and was co-written by Tribal elder Annie Bettini.
30 Years Ago: Southern Ute Tribal Chairman Leonard C. Burch led veterans and families during the Walk of the Warriors ceremony. Southern Ute tribal elders were also honored on Chief Ouray Day during the Memorial Day weekend. Executive Officer Eugene Naranjo served as master of ceremonies for the event, and the Box family was also present to honor David Box, along with five other elders, during the day’s festivities
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