Many Moons Ago

10 Years Ago: The annual Southern Ute Health Services Kids Fair took place Friday, March 4 in the SunUte Community Center, receiving a “healthy” attendance of 213 kids and adults from tribal departments and schools. Health Services staffers gave students a chance to see the effects of unhealthy food firsthand, while the hands-on Wildlife exhibit showcased a stuffed turkey. While most of the booths were informational, SunUte and the Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy gave the kids a few athletic challenges, included an obstacle course. This photo was first published in the March 11, 2011, issue of The Southern Ute Drum.
20 Years Ago: Jolette Dutchie takes her turn at the exhibit called “The Plasma Ball,” but still holds the lightning rod from another demonstration. For three days the Southern Ute Public Education Department has hosted Colorado State University’s traveling education exhibit, “The Little Shop of Physics,” which students and visitors from across the region have learned more about the subject of physics. This photo was published in the March 9, 2001, issue of The Southern Ute Drum.
30 Years Ago: Liz Kent along with Effie and Sherry Monte are currently working in the Sky Ute Gallery on the Tribal TEAM program. In the picture, Liz is beading a pair of earrings. This is one of several projects Liz has worked on in the gallery. This photo was published in the March 8, 1991, issue of The Southern Ute Drum.
40 Years Ago: Southern Ute Tribal member Phillip Martinez talks ringside with Coach Chris Chavez at the Golden Gloves Tournament in Pagosa Springs, Colo. Phillip and brother Donald Martinez both did well to advance into the semi-finals in Roswell, N.M.
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