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Old friends meeting my new friend 

Fly fishing advice from Don Oliver — when you fly fish Hermosa Creek you’ll find mostly cutthroats, with an occasional rainbow, and even more occasionally a brook trout. Also, plan on using a three-weight rod and dry flies. 
Photo Credit: Don Oliver | Special to the Drum

Having become the poster boy as to why people pursue a career as an orthopedic surgeon, SWMBO (she who must be obeyed)  thought I should have a river helper. My balance has become suspect, and my mental age sometimes has me wandering off. As always, I followed SWMBO’s advice and developed a job description. SWMBO took one look at it and said I’d get thrown into jail as the ultimate dirty old man if I found someone to fit that description. I said, “fine you write it.” She did. I then discovered our friend Kim fit the description to a “T”. I just hate it when SWMBO out does me.  

Kim is fairly new to fly fishing, doing really great and doesn’t need my input. She is younger than I am, stronger than I am, and can whistle very loudly to get my attention. She also fishes behind me to keep an eye on me. What more could an old curmudgeon wish for? 

As part of my new fly fishing experience I thought it would be nice if I introduced Kim to my two oldest fly fishing friends, Lime and Hermosa Creeks. I became acquainted with them when I moved to Durango in pursuit of my dream of becoming a fly fishing guide. Over the fifteen years I guided, those two creeks showed me the best locations to take beginners. They pointed me to tucked-away spots for those wanting a more challenging experience and long runs for the client wanting a high fish count day. They were also there when I needed a day all to myself. Lime and Hermosa Creeks became my best fly fishing friends. 

When my knees gave out, and sleeping late began to sound good, retirement from guiding became a reality. With retirement came a separation from my two ageless friends. I didn’t see them very often, then not at all. Losing touch with good friends is difficult.  

However, when Kim agreed to be my river helper becoming reacquainted with old and distant friends became a real possibility. When I introduced Kim to my old friends I hoped they would develop the same relationship we had enjoyed. As my parents used to say. “Share.” Unlike some fly fishing people I know who want to keep their favorite friends a secret, I want others to know all my good friends. It’s my desire, especially in these times, to see everyone make new friends. 

If you haven’t fished Lime or Hermosa Creeks get a map and plot out an entire summer of getting to know them. On Lime Creek plan on catching more brook trout than you can count. When you fly fish Hermosa Creek you’ll find mostly cutthroats, with an occasional rainbow, and even more occasionally a brook trout. Also, plan on using a three-weight rod and dry flies. 

Should you be fly fishing with my two good friends think of someone you can introduce to them. Or, better yet, think of your best fly fishing friend and introduce that river to someone new. 

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