Many Moons Ago

40 Years Ago: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Frost were named the Senior Citizens of the Month at the monthly potluck luncheon held at the Ignacio Senior Center. This photo first appeared in the Nov. 23, 1979, edition of The Southern Ute Drum.
10 Years Ago: Southern Ute Royalty and Native American actor Wes Studi pose for a photograph at Fort Lewis College on Thursday, November 5, 2009. Fans traveled from across the Four Corners region to eagerly greet Studi following his presentation at FLC. This photo first appeared in the Nov. 20, 2009, edition of The Southern Ute Drum.
20 Years Ago: Students in the Peaceful Spirit’s Youth Services begin work on all Billboard designed to help eliminate under-age drinking in Ignacio. (left to right) Art Teacher Jill Peterson, Artist Sam English, students Dwain White, Cheyenne Garcia, Boo Cloud, Mick Lorusso, Victoria Vasquez, Teresa Cox, Keith Reinhart, and Ellena Salazar. This photo first appeared in the Nov. 19, 1999, edition of The Southern Ute Drum.
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30 years ago

(Photo unavailable) The November 17, 1989 issue of the Southern Ute Drum was a special edition of the Southern Ute Tribal Proposed Codes. In 1987, the Southern Ute Tribe received a grant from the Administration for Native Americans (ANA) to develop management plans for vital Tribal resources. Three codes were developed to preserve the Tribes water, air quality, and its archeological and cultural resources.  The Natural Resources Policy Review Committee and the Tribal Attorney’s Office developed the three proposed Tribal Codes.

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