Many Moons Ago

30 years ago, Vocational Rehabilitation with their visitor, Sam Minkler (in the middle) of the Native American Research and Training Project in Flagstaff, Arizona. L-R, Cideazhah Pinnecoose, Glenda Price and Caren Trujillo.
10 years ago, Air Quality Specialist, Mike King, points to the metrological tower at the Ute 3 monitoring site, the tower measures wind speed, wind direction, outdoor temperature, relative humidity, and solar radiation. Dedicated data collection, documentation, and analysis are essential to the ongoing success of the Tribe’s Air Quality Program.
20 years ago, Morgann Box gets help with her bingo numbers from teacher Kathy Misener. Looks like she is catching on pretty fast. Morgann helped her mom win some great prizes!
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