Family of Sage Douglas Remington

SAGE – Sage Douglas Remington was born in Ignacio, Colorado on May 22, 1942 to Avon Rabbit and Annabelle T. Eagle. He passed away July 31, 2018 at his home in Ignacio.

He was raised by his step father, Clifford House Eagle, and his mother. He was a warrior of conscious, tolerant of diversity and able to embrace it. He was raised in the traditional Ute way of life on the Ute Mountain and Southern Ute reservations. He was a sun dancer for over 20 years and a fluent Ute speaker. During his work in the Denver Indian Community, a Lakota elder bestowed upon him the responsibility of being a pipecarrier and to continue his service to tribal peoples. He was very proud of his tribal identity and culture for it made him strong to be able to lead the life he wanted.

He led a complex, vibrant life. Not only was he a drum majorette in high school, but he served in the Peace Corp in South America, traveled throughout Europe, taught school, helped establish the radio station, and he wrote newspaper articles.

He participated in American Indian protests and occupations including Alcatraz, Ft. Lawton, Pyramid Lake, Pitt River and Frank’s Landing. He marched with Cesar Chavez during the migrant worker protests and with Harvey Milk for Gay Rights. Throughout his life he served on local and national boards bringing the unique Ute perspective to those tables of strategic planning.

His greatest joy was to be able to live long enough to see his nieces and nephews grow into adulthood and gift the families with grandchildren and great grandchildren. These are the reasons he fought the good fight – for the future of the families. Douglas will be remembered by family & friends for his contagious sense of humor.

He is preceded in death by his parents, Avon, Clifford and Annabelle, his brothers Clifton W. and James Eagle, and his sisters Theresa “Tree” Eagle and Beverly Harlan. He is survived by his sisters Linda Eagle, Ramona Eagle, Annie Rabbit and many nieces, nephews, grandchildren and great grandchildren and relatives throughout Ute Country. His many friends throughout the activist universe mourn the passing of a warrior of the Indians of All Tribes.

A traditional wake was held Friday, August 3 at the Ramona Eagle residence in Ignacio, CO. A funeral service was held Saturday, August 4, 2018 at the Southern Ute Memorial Chapel in Ignacio, CO with Interment at the Ouray Cemetery.

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