Many Moons Ago

10 years ago, Team Colorado after hustling to make the parade after hopping off the ferry the morning of August 2, 2008, made their way to the site of the Opening Ceremonies of the 2008 Native American Indigenous Games in Cowichan, British Columbia, Canada.
20 years ago, Youth picnic ¬– Attendees of the annual Southern Ute Youth Wellness Conference take a break for lunch in Veterans Park. A youth fashion show followed the meal. An estimated 45 young people attended the day-long conference at Rolling Thunder hall on August 10, 1998.
30 years ago, Debra Richards assists son Patrick with his outfit as father William looks on, prior to performing for a tour group visiting the Southern Ute Tribe.
40 years ago, More building for the Tribe – The Justice Center and Health Center parking lot are among new buildings for the Tribe. The Health Center is to be completed by the end of August, 1978.
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