Many moons ago

Bringing joy and happiness, the children from the Southern Ute Head Start sang Christmas songs for the staff at the SUCAP building Thursday morning December 7, 2006 and decorated the little tree located outside with home made decorations. Pictured here putting on decorations is Hannah Cundiff, daughter of Rocky and Shudy Cundiff and Christina Herrera daughter of Carlos Herrera and Daphne Washington.
Peaceful transfer of power? Swordplay between outgoing Chairman Burch and incoming Chairman Frost was all in the jest at the inauguration and honoring luncheon held for the two tribal leaders December 10. Newly elected councilor Byron Red, Sr. looks on. The date was declared Leonard C. Burch Day, a tribal holiday. Burch was asked to take his place among great chiefs, Ouray and Buckskin Charlie.
Blenda Ortiz | SU Drum archives
John Rehorn | SU Drum archives

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