Youth Concert, Jalapeno & Chili/Salsa Contest Thanks!



I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that had supported this year’s REZ-olution VII, Southern Ute Tribal Fair “Jimmy Newton Jr.” Youth Concert.

This year’s concert was successful in many ways, not marked just by attendance but by seeing smiling faces of those who did attend.

The music this year was provided by a number of bands, for whom this concert would not be possible, so first and foremost, thanks goes out to the bands and their families and friends who traveled here to play for us: ‘Ethan 103’ from Window Rock, Ariz., ‘A Malicious Plague’ from Albuquerque, N.M., ‘One Bullet Away’ from Kayenta, Ariz., ‘Dyfrost’ from Chinle, Ariz., ‘Hands Down 10’ from Shiprock, N.M., ‘Cinematica’ from Farmington, N.M., and a special thanks to the two bands who jumped on the bill last minute; ‘In Venegeance’ from Kayenta, Ariz.; and ‘Paranormal Slaughter’ from Bloomfield, N.M. and thanks to ‘Studio 18 Productions’ for providing sound and lights.

Our thoughts and prayers to the family of ‘Hour Eleven’s’ drummer who had to cancel due to a relative involved in a tragic automobile accident. Hope to see you in the future!

A concert like this could not be made possible without the help, and assistance of others who support the youth concert. A vision I set from the very first concert 10 years ago. To give the youth of our community a drug and alcohol free environment to enjoy a night of fun, listening to some good music and enjoying it with their friends. By seeing and meeting the Native bands, that the youth may be inspired to achieve their own dreams – be it music or some other talent they may posses.

This was a vision shared by the late Chairman Jimmy R. Newton Jr., who felt the need to support and make the concert a part of the fair, he saw the positive in what the concert brings to the youth.

A special thank you goes out to the family of “Jimmy” for your support in the concert, and believing in me to continue to with the concert each year, in Jimmy’s honor.

‘Thank you’ to the following for their combined contributions, and their support of the REZ-olution VII Youth Concert: The Sky Ute Fairgrounds – Kendra Alexander and her crew JD, Steve, Sal and Craig – THANK YOU for your commitment in making the Fairgrounds, year-after-year, an awesome venue to host the Tribal Fair & Powwow; The Sky Ute Casino Resort’s Marketing Dept., and Maintenance Dept., especially Jeff Lyman, Tracy Leppert and Ann McGaw; NeeNee’s Food Catering Services for feeding the bands – they all enjoyed the delicious food! BIA Forestry Wood Services for providing the wood for the bonfire; The Southern Ute Police Dept.; Los Pinos Fire Dept.; Walkers Do-It-Best; Basin Printing & Imaging for your yearly support of the youth concert; and KSUT Tribal Radio 91.3 FM and The Southern Ute Drum for interviews, coverage and promotions.

Last but most certainly not least are the people who’s support and individual commitment to making this year’s concert a success, “without whom I could not have done it without you – THANK YOU!” Tara Vigil, Special Events Coordinator and the Southern Ute Cultural Dept.; and The Sunshine Cloud Smith Youth Advisory Council (SCSYAC) – Issac Suina, Larenz Wilbourn, Lakota TwoCrow, Cameron Weaver, Randy Herrera, Elijah Weaver, Lonicia O’John and SCSYAC Coordinator Mary Guenther.

REZ-olution Concert groupies who did the bulk of the grunt work, from concert/stage setup and teardown, to handing out handbills, and assisting the bands: Rayleen Richards, Shayna Johnson, Shondeena Richards, Ryanna Johnson, D’mitri Reynolds and Dev Richards and of course, my right-hand man, Fabian Martinez you ROCK dude, who’s helped me out every year for the past 4 years!


I would like to also thank the following for all their help in making the Jalapeno Eating Contest and the Chili/Salsa Contests very enjoyable and managable events at this year’s fair: Melinda Ortiz, Velma Armijo, Cathleen, Francesca and Malcolm Cajero, without your support year after year, these events would not run as smoothly.

Thanks Henry Whiteskunk for stepping up and taking awesome pics of the “Drummer’s Special” Jalapeno Eating Contest!

Also to the members of the Flobots, M2X2 and Lolita Castaneda for helping with the tasting, thank you!

And lastly, the Southern Ute Powwow Committee for giving me time for the “Drummer’s Special” once again in this years Tribal Fair Powwow. As we know this event has gained in popularity and has been a fun event for a number of year’s now, may we continue to work together in making it as fun and eventful in years to come.


I would like to thank Southern Ute Tribal Council Member, Amy Barry and Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs Executive, Secretary Ernest House Jr., for giving me the honor of meeting and giving a tour to the world-reknown Flobots, and members of MX2X and Lolita Castaneda during their brief visit to the Southern Ute Reservation during their ‘Detour’ on Sunday, Sept. 13 at the Sky Ute Fairgrounds.

Meeting the Flobots after seeing them perform on-stage opening for Metallica at the KFMA Day music festival, May, 2008 at the Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson, Arizona, was an enjoyable experience, reminiscing about music, networking and creating connections while educating and sharing our traditions and culture was an amazing experience … thank you.

They expressed their words in hoping to return to the reservation, and how disappointed they were in missing the youth concert the night before. But enjoyed the experience of spending time at the fair, seeing various events and contests, and partaking in the Chili/Salsa contest and how much they enjoyed tasting all the varieties of chili and salsa.

I would like to thank the Powwow Committee and the Powwow Emcees, Jason Goodstriker and Edmond Nevaquaya, for taking a moment and acknowledging the musical groups during the powwow.

In closing I would also like to give a HUGE SHOUT-OUT to the Southern Ute Tribal membership, the Ignacio Community and all the visitors to the Tribal Fair for your attendance, participation and support in ALL the Tribal Fair events and contests!!! Without you the Fair would not be what it is today. To all the Committees for all your hard work and of course, the Southern Ute Tribal Council for all your support in the Tribe hosting the annual Tribal Fair – as the Fair is our time to shine, and we exceed every year in providing an enjoyable experience for all those who attend and partake in what we provide as a tribe.

Thank you,

Robert L. Ortiz






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