What Is A Tribal Leader?

A tribal leaders is one who cares for the native people within his own tribal nation.

A tribal leaders is one who will care for all native people regardless of what tribal nations reside on their reservation.

A tribal leaders were those leaders of long ago who cared, loved, cherish and protected their citizen of their tribal nation and native people.

Today, we don’t have leadership as we did long ago of leaders caring for their people. Our so-call leaders only look after themselves. If it don’t involve money in today world. Tribal leaders could care less with the attitude of don’t bother us it’s not important enough to be discussed.

On September, 1 my grandson was assault at Ignacio High School by a teacher Mr. Murphy who was teaching Physical Science class at the time. Granted my grandson had his hoodie on and Mr. Murphy didn’t like him to have it on. Well, my grandson wasn’t fast enough for Mr. Murphy liking to put it down. So he walks over to him. Grabbing my grandson by the hoodie in the neck region and attempts to pull it off him. My grandson addresses Mr. Murphy. He’s going to the office. As he gets up off his chair walking to the office. Mr. Murphy chases after my grandson. Grabbing him and attempting to throw him down onto the floor 4 different times with a leg sweep. My grandson didn’t grab Mr. Murphy at all but was grabbing is pants.

The High School allow Mr. Murphy to go home to cool off. Didn’t call the police for over 2 hours as an assault had occurred. Ignacio Police was called as this incident happen within the city limits of Ignacio. I guess the Ignacio School didn’t also feel it was important enough. A member of their staff committed a crime. Like anything they felt he had a cold and sent him home.

Like any parent I inform Southern Ute Education and social services since they administer Southern Ute educational needs within the school system. Both were very helpful assisting at the time on September 1, 2015

I was out of town. Southern Ute education personal did attend this meeting as I had written a statement of what had occurred.

On September 3, I called the Southern Ute education office for an update as to what transpire. I was inform by Ms. A Duran education administration. What the Southern Ute Tribal Council reaction? She stated they took the information as advisement only. There wasn’t anything they can do as my grandson wasn’t a member of the Southern Ute tribe.

In fact since your grandson isn’t a member of the Southern Ute tribe there is not much we can do to offer you any assistance from the Southern Ute education office. We can loan you a person from here and that is about it.

When, I was the education director for the Southern Ute Indian tribe. We had many native kids who were attending Ignacio Public School system. If there was an incident such as this. Our Education office came and supported the native child or Southern Ute child providing needed help. I realize times have changed. Policies have changed from our battles with the Ignacio School district. Hence the reason we build our own Academy to address those needs.

So the point of this letter is? If you’re have a native child attending the Ignacio Public School system as your child is assaulted at school. Do not come to the Southern Ute tribal departments for help. It don’t matter if your child has lived here all his life. You’re not going to get any type of assistance at all.

Long ago at one of the Tri-Ute meetings it was agreed by the 3 ~ Ute tribes. If there are many Ute tribal members residing on either Ute reservation. Those members could get help from other sister’s tribes where they reside. We’re all supposed to be related one way or another. I guess this younger generation of Southern Ute Council didn’t know this and this agreement is null and void.

Watching what occurred to my grandson being assault in a place which is supposed to be a safe place. Isn’t really safe at all. Perhaps we do need to recall all the Southern Ute Council people and get people in there who is willing to help our people and other Utes.

I called the Ignacio Police Sgt Crumb and advised him to let the charges go. He asked why? I told him basically no one really cares what happen to my grandson. Maybe, he deserved to be beat up at school by the teacher. Sgt Crumb said he cares and is going to pursue this all the way. I told him what the Southern Education dept’s and Southern Ute tribal councils stated. Pretty much didn’t care at all. So, I was willing to drop all charges. Sgt Crumb said he will follow through all the ways. So, I want to thank the Ignacio Police Department and their staff for not giving up.

Thank you all for reading my rant.

Kenny Frost


In Response to Frost Letter

In response to Kenny Frost’s letter to the DRUM and for the reader to understand that the Southern Ute Indian Tribe agrees that all students in any school district should not be confronted in any inappropriate way by a teacher or administrator. As this incident is out of the jurisdiction for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe (even if the student was a Southern Ute) and is a personnel action, it is under strict confidentiality and investigation by the Ignacio School District.

Therefore, it would be a violation of the rights of the employee (s) or employer which in this case is the School District to divulge information to anyone outside of the investigation, including the Southern Ute Indian Tribe. Circumstances in any situation allows each party a right to ask for their needs to be met through the court system and not through the Southern Ute Education Department or the Tribal Council as we are not the courts, all citizens have the right to due process; right or wrong.

With some clarification from the Education Department, our department offered to Mr. Frost, and to any family in our community that has an American Indian student in the Ignacio, Bayfield and Durango school Districts; the Education Department can offer counseling services to a student for similar circumstances.

We are confident that the Ignacio School District will do the right thing, unfortunately with due process it could take longer than what we all would like. On behalf of the Southern Ute Education Department, we are sorry that this young man experienced this. Students need to have a well-balanced life at home and in the school where they should feel safe, comfortable and happy.


Southern Ute Tribal Council,

Executive Office

and Education Department







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