Texas Cattle Drive’s


Starting about 1846 the Mexican Rachoe’s moved back to Mexico to escape Yankee Rule. And the Spanish Texas Longhorn’s flourished rapidly many Mexican’s left abandoned them Ranchoes.

And to catch only on Texas longhorn steer was very dangerous and unpredictable plus they were very very hard to catch one by one, not like our Hereford cattle.

So in 1865 the American Mexican men went after the Texas longhorn’s their was about #5 million Texas longhorn’s in Texas and so they would round them up and move them in Herd from 200 to 2,000 or more cattle.

They would drove them north east to Abilene Texas then to dodge city Kansas and put them on the railroad to Chicago, Illinois in Texas each and every cow sold on the hoof for #3 dollar’s locally but in Chicago they were sold for #30 dollars each.

Plus on the way they had to watch out for Indians and American Men that would shoot them steal their herds. So one would have to be very brave but the profit was worth it.

By Joseph Rael

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