Many Moons Ago

The Seven Rivers 4-H Club took a field trip to Ute Mountain Tribal Park south of Towaoc recently. In the photo (back row) Rose Marie Rivera, Kree Lopez, (middle row) Leonora Bravo, Jennifer Goodtracks, Philman Lopez, Ute Tour Guide Gerald Ketcham Jr., Ricardo Rivera, (front row) Destinee Lucero, Kristen Lopez, Summer Youngman, Brianna Goodtracks-Alires and Leon Burch.
The Southern Ute Fair and Powwow celebrated its 75th year with fireworks, and fun. Kids dashed and tugged and hopped and tumbled for cash prizes, but they weren’t the only ones. From Tikes to elders, everybody found a way to participate in on of the Southern Ute Tribe’s grandest weekends.
Its not how many games you win, it’s how you play the game. Mr. Everett Burch (l) and Mr. Ervin Taylor (Right) present the Trophy for Sportsmanship to Manager Mr. Jim Turner (middle) of the Sky Ute Lodge. The Sky Ute Lodge sponsored this team in the Southern Ute Recreation League-1985. Other members of the team were: Steve Burch, Johnson Taylor, Gerald Howe, Barney Pinnecoose, Willard Price Jr., Ron Price, Lonnie Neash, Robert Howe, Lee Briggs, Harold “Stoney” Stone, and Arnold Managan.
Courtesy Time Watts
Robert Baker SU Drum Archives
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