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Tribal member voices concerns

I am writing this to you tribal member about your tribal court and the Tribal Social Service and the other department like Divisions Department and the tribal court boths of them did not give me a court order paper from them and I want to know how can they could not give me a tribal court order from them huh.

I don’t care if they don’t like what I say about them and it has to come out soon and so that tribal members they have to know what is going on with there tribal member again huh.

I will tell you all tribal members I am writing this in the Drum so that everybody should know about what is going on now! With them and look what they did some of your tribal members they send them aways from there own reservation huh that is going on every year. Do you know that huh, tribal members just look at your tribal people where they are now!

Do you know? Where they and could you answer those questions to me huh could you, huh.

But look what your tribal court did to me now and look at the Division Department has did to your own tribal members just take a good look at them ask them where have they been now huh!

Just look at them now and just think why they did this to ours people just send them aways and they can even come back to there reservation anymore huh just ask some of your tribal members they don’t even care where the court sends them away and and council don’t care what is going to happen to your tribal members just look at your reservation people now.

I am writing this paper to all of you tribal members and also the council members too and they better do something about this before it gets out of hand.

I come back to my reservation and other tribal member can not do nothing about what is going on with there tribal members or tribal councils also they just sit in there office all days long.

You people have too stand up for your own tribal member and the elders also help them they need some help from each other tribal members, help them that is why you are for them they can do all those work for, you have to be with them its your family tribal member elders help them, alright.

That is all I have to say for now just think about what I say for you now just think what I say to all of you tribal members about what is going on with your Tribal Court.

Have a good year for the biker Rally on September 04-15 to September 08-2015 next year or 2016 again, good bye for now.

Signed by

Tom Michael    

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